Exhaust air jack, won’t leave you exhausted

Ever heard about the exhaust air jack? It isn’t a very well-known product, but is very underrated. It is easy to use. It can lift your vehicle without using much man power. It operates within two steps

What is an exhaust air jack?

The exhaust air jack lifts a vehicle using the gasses coming from your vehicle’s tailpipe. A hose attaches from your exhaust to the exhaust air jack under the vehicle. The air coming out of your exhaust fills the bag, and voilà! The car lifts off the ground. The exhaust air jack can stay inflated for as long as 45 minutes, though you should keep in mind that your vehicle will be idling the entire time. Air jacks come in different sizes and capacities and can lift vehicles as far as 30 inches (76 meters) from the ground. Exhaust jacks deflate in as little as five seconds when the job is finished, and the PVC-coated woven canvas folds up for easy storage.

How to use an exhaust air jack

Exhaust air jacks are very easy to use. They are available in various sizes, and the one for your vehicle depends on how large and heavy it is. No matter how big the vehicle, exhaust jacks lift it up the same way:

• Your exhaust air jack will come with a hose, one end attaches to the exhaust pipe and the other to the exhaust air jack.

• The exhaust air jack is placed anywhere under the chassis, so no jack points are necessary. Since it is basically a big balloon, there’s no need to center it under a particular spot on the car.

• About 30 seconds later, the exhaust air jack will be inflated and one side of the car will be off the ground. A one-way valve holds the air inside.

• Release the valve to deflate the exhaust air jack and lower the car.

The bottom of the exhaust air jack balloon like sack is protected from sharp stones, sticks or whatever may be under your vehicle by a PVC coating.

Uses of an exhaust air jack

Uses of exhaust air jacks go beyond changing a tire on the side of the road. They can also be used to lift the front or rear tires so that you can put tire chains on two wheels at once, or to insert your recovery tracks under your wheels. They can even be used to lift trailers, boat trailers or basically anything with a frame and a couple of wheels. The exhaust air jack is also the best option when offroading to change a flat tire on rocky or muddy terrain, as a normal jack won’t do the job on uneven terrain. A high lifting jack will also work on rocky terrain, but on muddy terrain it will sink away, so better to use an exhaust air jack.

Safety when using an exhaust air jack

Manufacturers state that there’s no danger of pressure buildup in the engine because it takes very little pressure to lift the car. Doing heavy work while underneath a car lifted on an exhaust jack is not advised, but then again, it’s not recommended that you crawl under a car lifted on a regular hydraulic jack, either. When you need to work underneath your vehicle, a proper set of trestles or ramps should be used. Always ensure that you won’t damage any piping or sensors underneath your vehicle. Placement is crucial with any lifting device. Keep safety in mind at all times.


If you like venturing off into rocky mountains and deserted places, an exhaust air jack is a must have. When going into such areas, a flat is guaranteed some time or another and it will come in handy, believe me. The amazing thing about the exhaust air jack, as long as you have a running engine with an exhaust pipe and space for the bag under the frame, your exhaust air jack can be used. The exhaust air jack is not only for the hardcore offroader, but can also ease the process of changing wheels at your home.




  1. This exhaust air jack is pure genius!  Whoever thought of this is absolutely brilliant.  Not only is this good for offroad but great for those who may not have the ability to raise a traditional jack or are on surfaces that are not completely flat.  Letting the exhaust and car itself do the hard work is really smart.  Definitely a “must-have” for wives and daughters and would make a really cool and unique gift, think birthday or Christmas.  

    • It is much less effort to use this than the conventional jack that comes with your vehicle.

  2. Very interesting! Personally I have never heard of an air exhaust air jack. Although I hardly drive right now, I’m going to keep this in mind as I become a more active driver and travel more. I have heard of a high lifting jack before and learned about using it during some of my driving courses. Would you recommend an exhaust air jack over a high lifting jack in all situations? Or should I have both?

    • If you are driving a car a exhaust air jack will be adequate. If you are going offroad I would suggest both, as a high lifting jack has a lot of other uses than just being a jack.

  3. Hi, I am very grateful to read this topic. This topic is unique and informative. I was really unknown about exhaust air jack before reading this topic. I drive regularly. After reading this topic, I have taken the decision that I will keep always the exhaust jack in my car. 

    I appreciate this topic very much. I want to share this topic on my social media so that my friends get information from this article.

    Thanks a lot for your article.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative post on exhaust air jack. I personally know very little about cars but because of work I have to drive and I am afraid that when my husband around I have to rely and all these amazing gadgets. I am going to ask my husband and have him take a look at your post. But, I agree that this is a must have item in my car. 

  5. I totally agree with you this can never get you exhausted as all you have to do is just connect to pipe to your car exhaust outlet WOW!!! I have heard a lot about this product but I never believe it tone true but your article has really give me a detailed analysis of this particular product and I can’t wait to try it out thanks a lot.

  6. That’s amazing and so useful! I never would have thought of using the gases coming out of the tailpipe to lift the vehicle up.  I think that one of the best things about it is that it doesn’t take up much space to store it. Good to know that it can be used in muddy terrain as well. If you live in a rainy area, it may be wise to invest in one! 

  7. Here’s to a great idea. The only challenge is that whatever you decide to do when the car is hoisted needs to be over in 45 minutes. That is really not hard. What I like about it is that there is no exact point at which to place it. I think i am going to get myself one as an alternative to the jack I am used to. Thank you for the introduction

  8. Hi Martin, thanks for the great article!

    We have used something similar to recover a boat that broke free of its mooring and ran aground, but these look better! Our inflatable fenders are really rugged, but you need to have a high powered pump with you, so you tend to have to bring a vehicle anyway, this looks much easier to manoeuvre and inflate.

    I can see them coming in very handy both for the trucks and the boats. What is the maximum weight they can lift? Do you think we could use more than one with a boat? They tend to end up at funny angles on shore and getting them back in the water often requires a lot of finesse along with small adjustments in what they’re sitting on.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Lisa

      They are available with different weight ratings, so you will have to purchase the one best suited for your use. You can use more than for your use.

  9. Wow, a very interesting and informative piece. I’ve seen a couple of manual car jacks but have never heard or seen and exhaust air jack. What a good innovation. Thanks for the information you provided on it also and the pictures. I’d suggest that you add video clips to the article so as to enable those who’d be using it for the first time to master how it’s been fixed and used. Thanks 

  10. Wao! this is a great information. I have never heard of exhaust air Jack before now. My girlfriend will certainly love this because she hate to jack up a car after experiencing a hard trying change her wheel sometimes last year in a remote area. This should be a good birthday present for her. Hope its available in Germany. Thank you for the Post.

  11. This is absolutely a great unpopular invension worth sharing to family, friends and to those who usually drive alone and want to have a convenient and quick way of changing tires or anything under any vehicle.

    Another great thing I like with this product is, its versatility and you can even use it on rocky, uneven or muddy terrain, that a normal jack can’t surely do. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article!

  12. This is a very innovative product and thank you for the informative review. I drive a lot and have had my fair share of flats and sometimes in the middle of nowhere! While I have always used a jack in the past, I am intrigued and might try and use the air jack. A couple of questions that come to mind – 1. Is there a pressure limit on the air jack, as there may be a risk of explosion if its over the limit? and 2. Since its not a standard equipment from the car manufacturer, does it occupy a lot of additional space in the boot? I have a fairly small car.


    • Hi Sandeep, they are normally fitted with a pressure relief valve which will open when the pressure is too much. It does not take up much space, it folds up and fits into a bag. So no stress of taking up your whole boot.

  13. Hi Martin, 

    Thanks for this information on exhaust air jacks! I had not heard of these before but they seem very useful! I know that I’ve had trouble with my car jack in the past and something like this would’ve been nice!

    I’m going to look into getting one now, and perhaps another as a gift! 

    Great post!


    • Hi Anna

      This is a great product especially for women to use on their cars.

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