GearAmerica heavy duty strap, don’t hurt our trees

  • Product: GearAmerica Heavy-Duty Tree Saver Winch/pull Strap
  • Sizes: 3″ x 8′ (7,62cm x 2.4m), 3″ x 20′ (7.62cm x 6m), 4″ x 30′ (10cm x 9m)
  • Guarantee: Lifetime warranty
  • Best place to buy: Amazon.com
  • Price: From $19.95 to $84.95

About the product

BE PREPARED FOR ANY OFF-ROAD EMERGENCY with the GearAmerica ultimate recovery strap, which is specially designed to help you tow your vehicle and protect trees at the same time. As a result, you can recover your car 100% hassle-free. The recovery strap has movable boot covers at both ends that helps prevent chaffing.


The GearAmerica winch straps comes in different sizes, they also have combination packs. You will know which one you will need, for myself, the best option was to purchase the combination pack which includes one 20ft (6m) and one 8ft (2.4m) straps. This way you know you will be covered whatever the situation might be. The 3″ (7.62cm) strap is lab tested for a minimum break capacity of 35,000 pounds (17.5 ton), and the 4″ strap for 45,000 pounds (22 ton).


The GearAmerica Recovery Tow Strap is simply a must have piece of equipment in your off-road recovery gear box. The combination pack is also easily stored, as it comes with a complimentary draw string bag. The Gear America recovery tow strap is extremely well priced for the quality that you get. It is of excellent quality and strength. With their lifetime warranty it gives me even more confidence in this product, because they have confidence in it. They wouldn’t have given a lifetime warranty if they didn’t believe it will be usable for a lifetime. Obviously this lifetime warranty will be limited to how you take care of the product, a warranty doesn’t cover damages or stupidity. Remember, always keep safety in mind, replace parts that are worn or damaged and could lead to an accident before it’s too late.




  1. The GearAmerica Recovery Tow Strap is just an unquestionable requirement have bit of hardware in your rough terrain recuperation gear box. The blend pack is likewise effectively put away, as it accompanies a complimentary draw string sack. The Gear America recuperation tow lash is incredibly all around valued for the quality that you get

  2. This is a must for all off-road driving lovers.

    The added value of being tree sensitive is a great detail for those who care about nature. It’s good to see you taking of your time to promote this type of products.

    Prices are comparable to the regular ones, and level of quality is evident. 

    Thanks for a great review post!

  3. Gear America winch strap is perfect for my brother, he drives a heavy duty mixer truck and he gets stuck all the time going up to oil fields in the mountains and is always complaining about getting stuck. I was wondering if this would be the right gear for him? I am going to send this website to him to look at, because I don’t exactly know the sizes he is looking for. Thanks for the info, great idea and sounds like a wonderful product.

    • It will be perfect for him, if he travels alone he will need a winch fitted on his vehicle though. He must be sure to buy one with the correct rating for his application if he decides to buy one.

  4. I think the GearAmerica heavy-duty strap is a must-have for my Jeep Wrangler. I love how the strap is designed not to hurt trees. I love my Jeep, but I am not really a handyman. Do you know what additional accessories and tools I would need in a typical emergency?

  5. It seems to me that the company is putting a lot of effort into their customer service and professional image. From what I’ve read, they were very eager to send their customers new straps if the straps came had any slight defect. On top of that there is the obvious lifetime guarantee.

    They also donate 10% of their income to charity, so that’s another pro.

  6. GearAmerica heavy-duty straps are without a doubt the most durable vehicle towing straps in the market. The lifetime guarantee is a clear indication of the manufacturers’ confidence in the product’s long life and abilities.

    It has also high value for money, buying cheaper low-quality straps will only cost more in the long run.

    Will recommend GearAmerica straps to a friend of mine who owns a heavy pick up truck and usually has to go to rough areas on a daily basis.


  7. I find the GearAmerica heavy duty strap to be a very useful accessory. It is most definitely a must have for every car owner. I remember one time, I was out with some friends, on our way back, our car lost control and fell into a ditch. No one was hurt, but the SUV got stuck. We had to wait for help which was over an hour away. After that encounter, I got recommendations to equip by investing in a tow strap. I think this one is ideal.

    Thanks for sharing 

    • Hi Rhain

      Thanks for the comment. This is definitely an investment for every vehicle owner, be it a car, SUV or pick-up

  8. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article .The gear America winch strap is very suitable for my Husband because he drives a heavy duty truck.And he always gets stuck in the oil fields in the mountains .I like how the straps are designed to not hurt .I love our truck very much because it is my husband’s only earning hammer .However, I know why many of us may not need to carry extra keys and equipment in case of an emergency .I must show the article to my husband .Hopefully it will benefit a lot .And it seems to me that the company is putting a lot of effort into their customer service .Their activities are very good so I have a clear life guarantee on them and hopefully my husband will .

  9. Hello Martin. Thank you for sharing this review of GearAmerica heavy duty strap. I am totally impressed by the quality of this product and its strength. It is reasonably priced and I am totally amazed by the lifetime guarantee. This is huge confidence the manufacturer has placed on this product. I love it.

    My kind regards!

  10. Hey, I enjoy while reading your article on GearAmerica Heavy-Duty Tree Saver Winch/pull Strap and find it very useful for everyone. After reading your article now I know that we have to prepared for any OFF-ROAD EMERGENCY with the GearAmerica ultimate recovery strap, which is specially designed to help us tow our vehicle and protect trees at the same time. We must have piece of equipment in your off-road recovery gear box.

  11. Thank you Martin for the timely recommendation on essential kit for your vehicle. Just like battery jumper cables, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without a tow strap. I’m impressed that this brand can take up to 22 tons – that’s truck size!

    Does the tow strap come with any added accessories for attaching the strap to the vehicle, such as D-clamps and hitch receivers?

    • Accessories will be optional with the strap, it is best as you can then get the correct accessories for your application.

  12. I didn’t really know that there was a leash that could be tree friendly. This type of belts is essential to have in the car.

    Are there any characteristics of how much tensile strength they have?

    It is important to know if one can be towed as well as if I can tow someone.

    Excellent product, I will take a look at the links you have left here.


    • Hi Pablo

      I would not suggest using them as a towing rope as they were designed for doing a recovery. Although, I am sure it could be used in a emergency, but will have to be discussed with the manufacturer and get their point of view.

  13. Great review! 

    There have been a few times I’ve gone off-road with some friends and got stuck because they didn’t have the sense of buying one of these straps and even worse, were too cheap to buy one. 

    In my opinion, anyone who wants to go play off-road should definitely have one of these straps.

    There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere either waiting for someone to come get you out or not having signal on your phone to even be able to reach someone to come help. 

    I totally agree that this is a must-have product for off-roaders!

    Congrats on a well done review!

    All the best,


    • Thanks Melissa. When offroading one really must be sure to have all possible recovery gear available to you. Even if it is just a proper strap.

  14. Hi Martin

    You have come up with such a useful product  that all heavy duty drivers must have. There is nothing worse than driving under rough terrain and then getting  stuck. It is simply the best and it comes with many options of different lengths and loads that it can take, makes it valuable. The added bonus that it looks the business as well and at such  a reasonable price.



  15. Thank you so much for your review on Gear America heavy duty strap. I will tell my husband about this awesome strap. He  works in construction and this will be a must have just in case he is stuck and of course we do not want to hurt any tree. Will tell him to check it out on Amazon.

  16. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i must say that i never really placed much importance to getting straps. probably because i havent been caught in some situations. but i think it is better to be prepared for anything.

    • Hi

      Rather be prepared than be caught off guard. You might not need it for yourself, but to help someone else at some stage.

  17. What a great overview of the GearAmerica heavy-duty strap. I’m planning on getting one of these at some point- it seems to be a great buy for car owners.

    I have a few friends who have these for their cars. They really enjoy having it on hand, which is another reason I’m compelled to get one for my car. 

    Thanks for sharing- I’ll be adding this to my wish list on Amazon. I enjoyed reading the review.

  18. Martin, this is a terrific site specialising in something I can fully relate to!  I once got stuck in Mountain Pine Ridge (Belize) about 30 minutes before sun down & no lights on a dirt and muddy back road, I had to walk 5 km´s for help, just a little but worried I might bump into a Mountain Jaguar or other wildlife, with the then girlfriend who was not impressed.

    I eventually found a farmer to help after his 3 German Shepherd dogs let me know what they thought of my visit to their remote & fenced farm after dark.  Its far too long a story to complete here, but this is something I need for my exploratory off road and exploration visits around Latin America. I had no idea such winch gear existed.  Can it be mailed out of the USA?

    • Hi Trevor, Amazon do ship to most countries, it ships to South Africa, so I am sure it will ship it almost anywhere.

  19. Wow! Amazing to read about thegearamerica heavy duty strap here. Seriously, not very often do we see straps that can really make pain so bearable and not get to one as this does. I particularly like the guarantee given if there is anything I ever wanted to get it because. This is really good and would be a great addition to the gearbox tools

  20. I bought one of these for a friend who always rescues people who run into trouble crossing the mountain pass near me in rough weather. 

    He has used it successfully on many missions and, the lifetime-guarantee was a no-brainer for me!  

    Now that I’ve moved deeper into the country I am regretting only having stock front bumper hooks.  Do you think this would work with those hooks?  

    • It will work with your standard hooks, make sure that you use the hooks as specified by the manufacturer. You will also need a shackle to use the straps.

  21. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about GearAmerica heavy duty strap, don’t hurt our trees and explanation are given

    I have been searching for an article for a long time about GearAmerica heavy duty strap, don’t hurt our trees but I did not find much on the internet and if I found it was very poorly explained. When I came to this site I found out everything I needed.If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account.Good luck!

    Thanks again for this post. 

  22. Wow the GearAmerica Recovery Tow Strap really does look pretty amazing. Not only is it a great idea it also takes into consideration the integrity of the tree. Quality and strength are two things that I look for in such a product, and that there is a lifetime warranty is pretty outstanding. I know some people who like off-road vehicles and will find this as useful as I have. I’ll bookmark the post for reference and pass it along to them, thanks!

  23. I never knew there was a strap that would protect the tree, but GearAmerica heavy duty strap actually has one! We go mudding and offroading quite a bit in our jeeps and side-by-sides. So we are loaded with multiple straps a piece in the tool boxes of each unit. 

    to be honest we never thought much or took into account the tree we connected to. Thank you for this looks like we will be purchasing at least 4bsets of these bad boys. This way we can tear it up and not hurt the trees at the same time! Thanks for this amazing insight! 

    • I think a lot of people that do offroading don’t really think about it, everything is in the moment. I used to be guilty of it as well until I started to read up about everything.

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