High lifting jacks

High lifting jacks are by far the “lowest tech” gadget you can own, despite this, it is versatile and can be used for a lot of applications.

What is high lifting jacks?

It basically explains itself in the name. A high lifting jack is a device that is able to jack up your vehicle higher than your standard bottle jack that came with your vehicle. But, it also has a lot more uses, and it can help you out of really bad situations.

How to use high lifting jacks

The primary job of high lifting jacks is to lift your vehicle if for instance one of your wheels is in a ditch, you can then get rocks or whatever you can find, shove it underneath your wheel and carry on with your venture.

When using a high lift jack your vehicle must have dedicated jacking points where you can put the high lifting jack. Most vehicles to not come standard with high lifting jack points, and you will need to install them yourself. Most aftermarket off road replacement bumpers and rock sliders have them available, but if you plan to fit a replacement for the use of high lifting jacks, be sure to specify that you need them.

You can also use a synthetic (rope) shackle to install through your wheel and hook it to the high lift jack with a d-shackle if you do not plan to use it to change a flat tyre.

Other uses for high lifting jacks

As I mentioned before, high lifting jacks can be used for a lot of tasks.

High lifting jacks can be used as a hand winch to pull out your stuck vehicle, if you do not have a winch fitted on your vehicle. It can also be used to break the bead on a tyre by placing the foot piece on the tyre, as a mobile press if you have a hard surface, picking up your vehicle to change a flat tyre, straightening a bent suspension part or piece of body, and many more.


Safety with high lifting jacks

Although high lifting jacks can be used for various task, always remember, if possible, use the right tools for the right job. Use the correct attachment parts for the job you are doing with the jack. High lifting jacks are very dangerous to work with, and I would recommend that you use some personal protective equipment while using high lifting jacks. You can read more about PPE in my personal protective equipment post.

Always expect that the jack will slip and be on your guard, as wonderful as this tool is, it can also be just as dangerous. The large arc of the handle applies a massive amount of force into the jack. So, if the jack’s mechanism or the load slips, that force can come back into the handle and turn it into a giant power hammer, always keep both hands firmly on the jack’s handle.

If you are using your high lifting jack as a winch for whatever reason, make sure someone is behind the wheel. If your vehicle becomes unstuck and you are on a downhill, your vehicle will start running forward and brakes will have to be applied.

High lifting jacks accesories

Just a few accessories for your high lift jack that I would recommend:

  1. High Lift Jack Base
  2. Lift mate
  3. High lift jack kit

There is a lot more accessories available out there that gives high lifting jacks endless possibilities.


High lifting jacks are low tech, high versatility tools. They have many uses and can help you out of trouble when needed. Just be weary, as it can also be very dangerous and cause some serious injuries when used incorrectly.




  1. Very interesting post you have here and I fancy it a lot.  Seeing that this high lifting jacks can really change a lot of things. It can help us in high lifts and also help us n preparing worthwhile shapes. Great one to see here and I fancy it a lot here. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Thumbs up for sharing. What this can achieve is really interesting.

  2. Hello Martin, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I was actually looking to get high lifting jacks as they are very helpful yet not so expensive. I am glad you presented some quality because lately, I was getting one of bad quality. I will definitely get one you recommend.

  3. Hello Martin, thank you for sharing this information on high lifting jacks. I am familiar with the regular one that is used to lift up a vehicle. However, this high lifting jack is awesome and I am intrigued by the various tasks that it be be used to carry out and especially to pull out stuck vehicle. Really nice.

    Thanks for the safety caution.


  4. Thank you for this informative post. I always have one high one high lifting jack in my car just in case I need it on the road. Although I live in Europe, it is good to be prepared. I am saying this because most of our roads are usually covered with road assitance, however, sometimes if you get stuck in the woods or in the wild you need to be prepared to help yourself as fast as you can.

    Especially if it is something like changing tires.


  5. I had no idea that these types of jacks were so useful outside of the normal remit. I dislike the bottle jacks as I have found them to be unstable for the most part. That said, when trying to change a wheel on my Landrover Discovery it did do a decent enough job, though it was a bit sketchy.

    I have an old high lift jack that is vehicleless, as in, I have no idea where it came from. I have been tempted a couple of times to throw it away but couldn’t bring myself to do it, mainly because it still works. Now I am very glad I didn’t. First, I didn’t realise you could get the brackets to accept the arms. Second, being able to use it as a winch is inspired as is being able to use it as a bead breaker.

    The only other one I did use, that was similar, was for an old Jaguar. Unfortunately I didn’t get the arm all the way in and it slipped out and the jack went through the sill. I have been more attentive since.

    • Hi
      If it didn’t work for a few years, I will recommend you take it to your nearest 4×4 shop to get it inspected, just to be on the safe side.
      But yes, it does have some nice uses.

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