Maxtrax MKII Recovery tracks, traction you never thought

  • Product: Maxtrax MKII
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Gray, Desert Tan, Lime, Olive Drab, Blaze Yellow, Safety Orange
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty against faulty materials and workmanship
  • Available on: Amazon.com
  • Price: $324.99

About the product

MAXTRAX is a lightweight, easy-to-use vehicle recovery and extraction device that’s easily carried by almost anything with four-wheels ensuring an easy way out if your vehicle becomes stuck. The aggressive large cleats sink their teeth into the tyre tread and the mud, sand or snow under your vehicle to prevent it from slipping back into the mud, sand or snow and make vehicle recovery quick and easy. The great thing about recovery tracks is that you do not need a second vehicle to recover your vehicle.


MAXTRAX is the perfect fit for every outing. Measuring just 1150mm long X 330mm wide x 85mm tall (45 inches long X 13 inches wide), and stacks together at a height of just 85mm (3.5 inches). They are manufactured of super tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon. Each track weighs just 3.4 kilograms (7.5 pounds). They have six comfortable built-in handles and a shovel at either end for removing excess sand or mud to help get you unstuck quicker. They also have exclusive keyhole accessory points to allow you to easily and securely mount your tracks to a mounting point on your 4×4.


MaxTrax recovery tracks is one of the best recovery tracks available today. It is strong, rugged and should last you a lifetime if used correctly. They come in different colours, which means you can get the colour that best matches your vehicles colour, especially if you mount it on the outside of your vehicle(Which I strongly recommend for when you used it in mud). They are lightweight, so it is easy to handle them. They can also be used as a shovel to clear your wheels before you use the recovery tracks. But, because of they’re flexibility, the MaxTrax recovery tracks can not be used as a “bridge” over a ditch, or a ramp to get up somewhere. Without recovery tracks, you might just get stuck forever…




  1. This seems like another great equipment that can definitely save one a lot of misery. I call it misery because I’ve found myself in a situation where I had to help someone get out of a jam. I have to say, it was no fun. But it also had me thinking if it was me in that situation. The Maxtrax MKII is definitely a good addition to anyone who spends any amount of time on the road. I’m getting mine as soon as I can.

    Thanks for the information.

  2. I’m quite impressed.  I’ve worked in the motor trade for many years and never knew that such a product existed!  I think I you’ve found a very unique product.  Recovery gear is a life safer and every car should come with one. But I don’t suppose breakdown companies would like that!

    • It is a nice piece of equipment. Breakdown companies should have them on hand as well I believe.

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .The Maxtrax product I personally used is very good because this product is so light it is very easy to use.Maxtrax I used to put allways with my car because there was no fixed time when the car would get stuck so I always kept it in my car so that whenever the car got stuck I could pick it up by car.And I’ve been using it for a long time, but no harm has been done yet, hopefully the product is very good.After you read this article, everyone will know about this product and share new experiences.

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us and we found out about a very nice product through your article and I personally use this product. I have a large freight truck and sometimes the wheels of my truck sink to the ground. Whenever the wheel of my car sank to the ground, it lifted the wheel of my car. And MAXTRAX is a very good product and I think after you read that many people will buy it to share their experience with you very soon.

  5. Maxtrax MkII recovery tracks is one of the best of them available around I saw it as a website ad and I clicked on it and I took me to a website where I order them and I must tell you I go them fast and installed on my truck and they have worked well to the specification.thanks alot for this awesome review

    • Thanks for the comment. It is a wonderful product and a great piece of equipment to have.

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