Off road snatch block


As with most equipment that can be used, there is always another piece that will compliment it. An off road snatch block can be used with a winch fitted on your vehicle.

What is an off road snatch block?

A snatch block is a heavy-duty pulley inside a metal casing, that can redirect the course of a winch line. Not only will it increase your winch’s pulling power, but it will also give you more options in self-recovery situations.

Different types of off road snatch blocks

There is a different type of snatch block for every occasion:

  • Snatch Block with Hook
  • Snatch Block with Shackle
  • Swing Block

Use the correct one for the scenario you are finding yourself in, and it will make your life a lot easier.

How to use an off road snatch block

The side plate on the snatch block opens up, meaning you don’t have to thread your winch cable through the opening. Instead, you open the side plate, fit the cable over the pulley, and then close the side plate. Ideally, you would have an anchor point located directly in front of your vehicle, so you don’t have to angle your cableHaving your cable at an angle could cause your winch to spool up unevenly, the result will be that your winch will only spool up so far, and then stop. When you don’t have such an anchor point, you can use a snatch block to set up an angled, single-line pull. This involves running the winch cable through the snatch block to an offset anchor point. You would then identify a second anchor point that’s offset in the opposite direction as the first anchor point. Attach the snatch block to the second anchor point with a choke chain. Then, use the tension from the two offset anchor points to position the block directly in front of the vehicle.

To double up the power of your winch, simply run the cable through the snatch block and then back to your own vehicle. The snatch block is attached to an anchor point and positioned directly in front of the vehicle. This method will also work excellent if you need to recover a vehicle bigger than yours. To do so, the vehicle to be recovered is attached to the snatch block. The winch cable goes through the snatch block and back to an anchor point that’s next to your vehicle. This anchor point takes some strain off your vehicle, which is important when you are recovering a heavier vehicle.


Safety when using your off road snatch block

Using a snatch block can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. Make sure that your anchor point is secure and cannot come loose. It is always better to use a winch dampener whenever you use your winch, this is a great piece of equipment for some extra safety.



An off road snatch block is an excellent piece of equipment if used correctly, and for the right application. Be careful though, as it can also be very dangerous. Be sure to buy good quality snatch blocks, the money you save on a cheap snatch block will cost you a lot more at a later stage. Always make sure that your snatch block is still in good condition, and if it seems to be worn out a bit… REPLACE IT!!!!!




  1. hello, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i remember been involved in a construction at a site and a snatch block was brought unknowing to us that it was a cheap one with low quality. it ended up costing more to cover damage. thanks for the review

    • Hi Benny

      Buying cheap equipment will in most circumstances cost you more at the end than a good quality product. 

      Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Thank you Martin for posting this great and useful article for me! I am among those who like to do off-road. And once in the middle of a cliff, my friends and I had a problem. The problem that occurred was that one of my friend’s car almost fell from the cliff, because the car’s shaft suddenly broke. And make the car does not have the energy to climb.

    Luckily, I have one friend who always thinks about safety (even though it’s annoying because every offroad has to wait for him for so long and he has so much luggage). Not long after, he got out of the car and took out a snatch from the chest he was carrying and put it in my friend’s broken car. So, in the end the car can get out of the emergency situation.

    Maybe Snatch looks very small and is often forgotten by many people (including me). However, this tool is extraordinarily important. Snatch Block and Swing Block are 2 mandatory items if you want to do off road I think. Right?

    • Hi Asmadi

      Safety can be a pain sometimes, but I feel that it’s mandatory on any trip. Thanks for sharing your story.

      I completely agree with you, a snatch block is definitely a must have.

  3. What are great little tool! I am particularly interested in the snatch block with hook.  I have not seen anything this useful of this size before I read your article.  You have not discussed the situation that I would find it invaluable, but this could be a big-game hunters best friend.  There are dozens of situations where these devices would be valuable.  You detailed explanation of how to use the device was really helpful.  The usually huge block and tackle or come along is, for the most part, impractical to carry.  This little device is perfect for the hiker, camper or off roader.  Thanks for the information.

  4. Hello Martin. It’s nice to see you share these insights on off road snatch block. Before now, I didn’t have a good knowledge about this tool; as a matter of fact, I didn’t know the exact name it is called, lol, funny right? Everyday, we learn and I am happy to learn this one today. Thanks for the tips on how to use it and more importantly, the safety precautions.


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