Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment, also known as PPE is a must with everything that is done.

Is it really necessary for personal protective equipment while doing a recovery?

Well, a lot of people will look down on this topic. Unfortunately every task has a risk, and it is best to keep the risk to a minimum by using some protective gear, like my post on the winch rope dampener, which is also a safety device.

There are few pieces of personal protective equipment items that can be used to protect yourself when disaster strikes. Some personal protective equipment available today will fit in right with your style, as there is a big variety. Your friends won’t even notice you are wearing any, as, let’s face it, that is the biggest reason why you won’t be wearing them. “What will my friends say?”

When to use personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment doesn’t have to be something you only put on when you need to do a recovery, but rather be something you can wear on your whole trip/outing.

The need to take personal protective equipment on and off every time you need to do a recovery will become a hassle, and the next best excuse not to use it at all.

Personal protective equipment to wear while recovering/ off roading

From my point of view there’s three critical pieces of personal protective equipment to wear while off roading. I will also do a post about each of them separately, you might think it’s just a stupid piece of equipment, well believe me, its not

  1. Steel point shoes: You can wear these throughout your whole trip, the will not only help to protect your feet when something falls, but it will also let you have a better walk through an obstacle while you are inspecting.
  2. Safety glasses: This might become a touchy subject, I bet when you read “safety glasses” you immediately got a picture in mind of big block type see through glasses that almost covers your whole face. WRONG!! Nowadays you can buy safety glasses that looks exactly like normal sunglasses, which can also be a fashion statement
  3. Gloves: This will be the only piece of personal protective equipment that you will have to take off after use. Without your hands fully functional it won’t be very easy doing your day to day activities, thus, I would urge you to wear gloves while busy using any of your recovery gear, picking up rocks or shoveling yourself out


Guilty as charged… I don’t always use all the personal protective equipment that I have to, but by doing that I have also learned some lessons. Wearing personal protective equipment is not about what your friends or anyone else will say about it, it is about protecting yourself and being safe. One day in an unlikely event that something happens and your personal protective equipment saves you pain, they will also understand why you did it. Set the example and the rest will follow, make it a fashion statement instead of a joke.

Stay Safe!!




  1. It is definitely about being personally safe. As part of a Tactical Rescue team for 9 years, there are definitely some instances where you question the use of gear and equipment. I know from this standpoint of safety and wearing the equipment, it was never a point of friends challenging the use of it. But, in your situations, I can definitely see that as a thought or concern. Sometimes a recovery can be more dangerous because it is not ‘normal use’ of the machine; outcomes could be unexpected and, let’s face it, risky. Keep being Safe!

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