The off road recovery shackle, the strenght you need

When doing a recovery on a vehicle using a snatch tow rope or when being winched out, you need a strong coupling on your recovery point. This is where the off road recovery shackle comes in handy.

What is an off road recovery shackle?

An off road recovery shackle is used in a recovery situation to attach recovery straps, winch cables or ropes as well as bridles and lanyards to professionally fitted recovery points. (They should not be used on home made recovery points).

How to use an off road recovery shackle

Load the ring end. Always use the ring end of the shackle for recovery straps and cables while attaching the shackle to the winch cable or hook from the pin end to keep the shackle evenly loaded for the safest recovery once tension is applied. It is always better to divide the load between two shackles while doing a recovery.

Types of off road recovery shackle

Off road recovery shackles comes in all shapes in sizes. Be sure to get a rated shackle with the correct rating for your needs. Rather get a bigger one, than having an off road recovery shackle fail. An off road recovery shackle is normally rated by the breaking force in tons. Get a recovery shackle with 2 to 3 times the weight rating of your vehicle, for example if your vehicle weighs 1 ton, get a 2 to 3 ton off road recovery shackle. Liberway has an excellent off road recovery shackle available on Amazon with a maximum break strength of 28.5 tons (57,000 lbs). I would suggest from personal experience to use a D-shackle as they are stronger and less prone to disformation.

Safety when using an off road recovery shackle

As you will see on the rest of my site I am very persistent on safety. Every piece of equipment you use and every recovery you do has a safety risk. Always use your personal protective equipment, and always keep in mind that any piece of equipment can fail at anytime. An off road recovery shackle should not fail if you use the correctly rated shackle, and if there is no wear or damages on the shackle. Damaged or worn equipment should always be replaced or repaired if possible within regulation. Get a higher rating off road recovery shackle than you actually need, and you shouldn’t have any problems.


When off roading you simply cannot go without an off road recovery shackle, you will need it to use your snatch tow rope, a recovery strap, or when someone else uses a winch to recover you. It is a great piece of equipment as long as you use it right. Be safe.




  1. I was interested in this article on the off road recovery shackle, but wanted to know if these products come with a safety guide because I do have concerns that I would not be using it correctly. Are there any product gurantees that come with shackles in terms of reliability and safety 

    • Hi Jazzy

      If you buy a reputable make shackle it will come with safety guidelines as well as a guarantee, although the guarantee will only be valid if you follow the safety instructions and use it for the right purpose.

  2. I live in the country in the midwest and we get a lot of snow. You never know when you’ll go off-road and get stuck in a ditch. I know from experience, these have been a life-saver! I am going to look into the D-shackle that you mention though. Thanks for the info!

  3. Hey, Thank you for sharing your guide on off road recovery shackle. Safety is very important factor while using off road recovery shackle. I only prefer good rated off road recovery shackle. Every piece of equipment we use and every recovery we do has a safety risk. Now I also understand that an off road recovery shackle should not fail if we use the correctly rated shackle, and if there is no wear or damages on the shackle.

  4. Hello Martin

    I, first of all, thank you for the efforts you put in to bring this website together and again thank you for delivering such valuable content. actually i was looking for Off-road recovery shackles then i found your website. I actually got what i want so i appreciate your efforts

  5. Thanks for the article.  I do a lot of work on small dirt roads or just off the trail.  We are primarily cutting and hauling wood.  With a load on, its easy to get stuck.  A good shackles turning one pull point into two is a big help.  The problem with hardware store shackles is that they often spread.  More than once I have had to unload and then carry to a new spot once my truck is out of the muck.  Good shackles would prevent this.  

    • Hi Anastazja

      Always use rated shackles, these won’t spread, and it will also be a lot safer. Thanks for your comment

  6. Hiya Martin

    Thanks for your informative article about off-road recovery shackles. I drive a motability car so I hope I never have to recover myself from anywhere. Should I keep a shackle just in case even though I’ve got roadside recovery? 

    I have bookmarked your site for future reference in case I ever do break down and cannae reach anyone. At least I can learn how to rescue myself. Thank you for some useful information, krs PurpleLioness 

    • Hi

      I will suggest to anyone to always have two shackles as well as a heavy duty strap in any vehicle. This can help you out of some situations you might find yourself in. It will be easier for someone else to help you if the right equipment is available.

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