The off road winch anchor, when there is no support

Sometimes you might find yourself stuck on a flat piece of earth in sand, or on a rocky platform with nothing to hook your winch to… No need to stress, this is where the off road winch anchor comes in to play. You might think an anchor is something you only find on a boat; WRONG. You get different types of anchors for different uses.

What is an off road winch anchor

The off road winch anchor is a simple design, it can help you a lot when all hope is lost. It functions as an anchor point to winch your vehicle out when there is nothing close by to hook your winch strap around. The off road winch anchor is a much better, safer, and easier option than using a deadman anchor, which I will give more information about later in my post.

How to use the off road winch anchor

The off road winch anchor is easy to use and doesn’t take much effort. Simply insert the off road winch anchor into the mud, sand, or snow. As the winch cable tightens, the point embeds itself deeply into the ground and will then become a sturdy anchor point. You will now be able to winch your vehicle out. Sometimes it will be necessary to help your winch out a bit by putting your vehicle in gear and let the wheels turn slowly. The Best option will be to use low range first gear, as this will be the slowest your wheels can turn.

Safety when using an off road winch anchor

As I say in all of my posts, always remember that safety comes first. Every piece of recovery gear can become dangerous if not used correctly or if it is used for a job it was not made to do. Ensure that your equipment is in good and working condition, if it has any signs of abnormal wear, it is time to replace. Off road winch anchors are available in different weight ratings. When buying, ensure that you purchase the suitable weight rated off road winch anchor for your vehicle, in this case, bigger is better. My suggestion would be to get one of which the rating is at least 2 times the weight of your vehicle, although I am not a professional in the physics thereof.

Deadman anchor, when you don’t have an off road winch anchor

I always wondered where the name comes from, I think it might be because you work yourself half dead with this option. The dead man anchor is a simple concept… which entails a lot, a lot of manual labour. So, how does it work? The deadman anchor is when you bury something and attach your winch rope to it to winch yourself out, although it sounds quick and easy, it is not. You have to dig a deep hole, when you are in sandy, muddy or snowy situations, you will have to dig deeper than the soft top of the surface, otherwise it will give way when you start winching. Next, tie your winch rope to a big piece of log, rock, or you can use your spare wheel. On the picture on the right you can see this guy used his high lifting jack with his spare wheel which is also smart. After putting the object you decided on in the hole you dug, bury it, and then you can start winching.


Although the off road winch anchor has a simple design, it is always best to buy good quality equipment. Stay away from cheap imitations, as this can cost you a lot more at a later stage. The deadman anchor is an alternative which I wouldn’t want to use if I don’t have to, it will take a lot of time. Unfortunately the off road winch anchor does take up some space, but most of them fold up and you can mount it next to you high lifting jack.




  1. Very informative article. Most times especially during the winter, cars can get stuck in the snow and it’s usually difficult pulling it out. I believe this off road winch anchor will be a perfect job in pulling cars that are stuck out. I’ll suggest you attach a video clip in order to clearly show how it’s been used. Kudos on a good article 

  2. Wow Wow Wow. This is a boom. very educative. The article is perfect especially for this winter season. I like the title, it is very captivating and makes you feel like you have to read this piece of information. I enjoyed reading it, because am a driver and needed such information to keep me safe on the road. The pictures are also very clear and the content well delivered. 

    I will also recommend a video to this post. Great work!

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