Winch rope dampener

A winch rope dampener will help you be safe while using your vehicles winch.

What is a winch rope dampener?

A winch rope dampener is an essential item for any four wheel drive enthusiast that plans to use a cable winch during recovery. While cable winches have very large breaking capacities, the unlikely situation of a cable snapping during recovery is still a possibility and should be prepared for. A winch dampener is designed to absorb the energy from a cable if it were to snap, thus reducing recoil and further preventing the likelihood of harm to yourself, bystanders or your vehicle.

How to use a winch rope dampener

Using a winch rope dampener is so easy, it will be stupid not to use one when using your winch. Yes, you read correctly, it will be stupid. Its as easy as..Fill the pockets on your dampener with sand or rocks, hook up your winch cable to your anchor point, and throw the winch rope dampener over the cable or rope more or less in the third middle of your cable. DONE!

Negatives of using a winch rope dampener

You will have to get your hands a bit dirty to fill up the pockets on the dampener,but being a off-roader, that won’t bother you a bit. If you are not one for filthy hands, carry gloves in your vehicle.

Tips when using your winch rope dampener

Fill the pockets as much as you can, the heavier it is, the better it will do its job. You will notice it has a “head hole”. Yes, you can also use your winch rope dampener as a safety vest when needed!! Ensure that you do not place it too close to a snatch block or to your winch, you don;t want to get it stuck in a pulley or in your winch.


In my opinion a winch rope dampener is a must have piece of equipment if you have a winch installed on your vehicle with the intention to use it. It can prevent a lot of damage and injuries should it be used right. It does not take up much space and is easy to store. Remember to inspect your winch cable for wear before every outing!

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  1. Hi, I remember one time asking my dad why we had to wear seatbelts. When we weren’t going to get in an accident. His response is something I’ll always remember and he said you don’t plan on getting in an accident. so it’s the same thing like this, you never know and for that reason you want to pay attention towards your safety.

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